Route 25full

Route 25 is a small route in Dawn/Dusk. It starts where Route 24 ends to the north of Fillydelphia and stops at Bill's House. It then loops back around through Route 24 and leads back into town.


A dirt path leads into the main part of Route 25, a large cluster of bushes and Bronies. Most of the Bronies need to be battled to progress through the area. A small patch of grass overlooks the dirt path and contains a few Ponymon. After passing the winding trail through the bushes, a fenced area marks the end of the route. Bill's House overlooks a pair of small lakes and the return path to Fillydelphia. Bill needs to be visited and assisted to progress the story.


Pony Level % Encounter Rate
Y BryPunch Lv. 8 20%
Lv. 9 4%
Y Minuette Lv. 8 20%
Lv. 9 4%
Y Roseluck Lv. 11 10%
Lv. 13 10%
YGldnHrvst Lv. 11 5%
Lv. 12 5%
Snails Lv. 13 10%
Snips Lv. 14 10%
Y Derpy Lv. 9 1%
AppleBloom Lv. 13 1%


Elixir: Near the first Hiker (hidden).

TM43 (Secret Power): Behind cuttable tree (requires defeating Camper Flint or horn slash).

Oran Berry: Southwest of running Trainer (hidden).

Bluk Berry: Between the two upper-right-most flowers near the end of the route (hidden).

Ether: Two steps east from the end of the path near Bill's house (hidden).

S.S. Ticket: Reward for helping Bill turn back to normal.


Hiker Franklin

Cheerilee Lv. 15

Lyra Lv. 15

Route 25

A hedge-maze of Bronies.

Hiker Wayne

Y Lily Lv. 17

Youngster Joey

Snips Lv. 15

Snails Lv. 15

Youngster Dan

Daisy Lv. 17

Picnicker Kelsey

Y Zecora Lv. 15

AppleBloom Lv. 15

Hiker Nob

Y Minuette Lv. 13

Y Bon Bon Lv. 13

Y Gilda Lv. 13

Y BryPunch Lv. 13

Camper Flint

Y Doctor Lv. 14

Y Minuette Lv. 14

Youngster Chad

YApplejack Lv. 14

YFluttrshy Lv. 14

Lass Haley

Spike Lv. 13

Spike Lv. 13

Spike Lv. 13

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