Route 24

Route 24 is a route in Dawn/Dusk, leading north from Fillydelphia. It connects with Route 25 at the other end.


Route 24 begins north of Fillydelphia and is mostly comprised of Nugget Bridge. A stretch of water runs down the west side beside a patch of grass, both of which contain the only wild Ponymon on the route. A strip of land runs parallel to Nugget Bridge, leading back to Fillydelphia from the end of Route 25. At the end of Nugget Bridge, a dirt path leads to the start of Route 25.



Pony Level % Encounter Rate
Snails Lv. 7 20%
Lv. 8 1%
Lv. 11 10%
Lv. 13 10%
Snips Lv. 7 20%
Lv. 10 10%
Lv. 12 10%
Y Trixie Lv. 13 5%
Y Bon Bon Lv. 14 5%
Y Lyra Lv. 8 4%
Y BryPunch Lv. 8 4%
Y Derpy Lv. 12 1%


Nugget: Received from the Capitalist Grunt.

TM45 (SQUEE): Top of the route after the Nugget Bridge.

Pecha Berry: West of first Hiker (hidden).


Bug Catcher Cale

YCheerilee Lv. 10

Y BryPunch Lv. 10

Y Trixie Lv. 10

Snails Lv. 10

Lass Ali

YPinkiePie Lv. 12

Spike Lv. 12

Y Zecora Lv. 12

Youngster Timmy

Y Gilda Lv. 14

Y Gilda Lv. 14

Lass Reli

Y Rarity Lv. 16

Y Rarity Lv. 16

Camper Ethan

SwtieBelle Lv. 18

Capitalist Grunt

YGldnHrvst Lv. 15

Y Trixie Lv. 15

Camper Shane

Snails Lv. 14

Snips Lv. 14

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