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Route 2 Evergreen Forest Entry South

Route 2 is a route in Dawn/Dusk, stretching between Ponyville to the south and Hoofington to the north.


Route 2 stretches north and south. The north and south ends of the route feature long grass, flowers and ledges and are bordered by trees to the east and west. In the middle part of the route there is the Everfree Forest which is a maze-like area of trees and tall grass.


Tall grass:

Pony Level % Encounter Rate
Y Lyra Lv. 3 20%
Lv. 5 1%
Y Bon Bon Lv. 2 20%
Y Big Mac Lv. 4 14%
SwtieBelle Lv. 4 4%
Lv. 5 10%
AppleBloom Lv. 2 10%
Scootaloo Lv. 2 10%
Y Minuette Lv. 4 10%
Y Derpy Lv. 5 1%


LimestnPie: The kid in the house will trade one for a Trixie.


Ether: Requires Cut

Paralyz Heal: Requires Cut

HM05: Flash. Given from Prof. Oak's Aide after the player has caught at least 10 kinds of Ponymon.



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