Route 1
Route 1 Southe Terminous

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Route 1 is the first route in Dawn/Dusk, stretching between Sweet Apple Acres to the south and Ponyville to the north.


Route 1 runs directly north and south. It features long grass, flowers and ledges and is bordered by trees to the east and west.
Route 1 Noth Terminous

Route 1 North Terminus (Hoofington)

There is no water along this route.


Tall Grass:

Pony Level % Encounter Rate
SwtieBelle Lv. 2 10%
Lv. 3 20%
Lv. 4 8%
Lv. 2 10%
Lv. 3 20%
AppleBloom Lv. 3 25%
Y Lyra
Lv. 3 5%
Lv. 4 1%
Y Bon Bon Lv. 5 1%
Y Minuette Lv.3 ?%


Potion: Talk to the Ponymon Mart employee. Gives free sample.




Trainer Tips

  • See those ledges along the road? It's a bit scary, but you can jump from them. You can get back to Sweet Apple Acres quicker that way."

Locations and Notices

  • Coming soon


  • This location was called "ROUTE 1" in FireRed.

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