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Latest update picture for version 0.5

While I will not be updating this every day, nor will I put everything on here, I figured you might find it interesting to see what goes on in programming a complete overhaul for the upcoming update of Ponymon Dawn/Dusk. If you are interested in the details of this task completion list, I have more information on my programming style on my Quality Samples page. My Software Recommendation list may also be useful.


I have screened the origin of my data and have been eliminating bugs. I went to a (U)1.1 ROM to eliminate some bugs. I have reviewed the naming conventions and made some adjustments. I have transfered my map changes, and am almost done transferring data to the new ROM. I have been still filling in and changing some data, but soon I will be back to just filling in data. For those who want to tinker, I will supply the .ini that I made for PGE (Version3.7).

-BlackOak42 01/05/2017


I have not listed all details, nor tasks, nor have I included the tasks before January 01, 2017. In other words there is probably something I have missed.


  • Copied spreadsheet tables over to new file for PNMNXXXU11
  • Added names table and completed name text and started running the tables to convert them to hexadecimal strings.
  • Tested import of name strings. (it worked perfectly)


  • Mapped (U) 1.1 ROM for all pointers used in PGE37 and more(still some left)
  • Created .ini for PGE37
  • Copied Icons from PNMN014 to PNMN001U11 for 0-151
  • Copied Icon Pal Pointers for 0-151 from PNMN014 to PNMN001U11
  • Copied lower map route appearance from PNMN014 to PNMN001U11
  • Marked field instructions for Ponymon 0h-FBh;115h-19Bh at 71B000 to 89E000

(note:FCh-114h are different) 01/04/2017

  • Checked lower route permissions
  • Copied and re pointed Ponymon 0-151 (Icons, Battle sprites and Pallets, and footprints)(made new Ponymon000 battle sprites)
  • Copied DexData from PNMN014 to PNMN001U11, re pointed DexText pointers, re pointed DexData pointers, removed old DexData and updated .ini for PGE37.


  • Re pointed Footprint pointers
  • Pointed PNMN FCh-114h battle sprites from ?? to PNMN 0 and removed ?? sprites and pallets
  • More ROM Mapping
  • Moved and re pointed 152 and on icons to prep pointers and clear unused space.
  • Finished Converting names to Hexadecimal and imported them into the ROM (0-411 including PNMN FBh-114h).
  • Copied names to Ponymon field instructions.



Type sprites for version 0.5


Type effectiveness for 0.5 = FR + 0.4 + new + between FR, 0.4, and new (In hexadecimal)

  • Copied Evolutions from PNMN014 to PNMN001U11
  • Copied Type Names from PNMN014 to PNMN001U11 and re pointed (in 5 places)
  • Moved Types Pic PAL (move again)
  • Types(copied from PNMN014 to PNMN001U11, and re pointed)
    • PalletPointer
    • Pallet(20h)
    • PicPointer
    • Pic(4800h)
    • PicSpriteCoordTablePointer
    • PicSpriteCoordTable(100h)
    • EffectivenessTablePointer
    • EffectivenessTable
    • TypeNamesPointer
    • TypeNames(200h)
  • Copy Base stats from PNMN014 to PNMN001U11:
  • Fix base stats table


  • Checked and sorted movesets from FR 1.0, FR1.1, PNMN0.4, PNMN0.4.1r5432


  • Selected movestets from available data and copied them to the PNMN001U11 column (3 with Alternates others may contain some good move choices)


  • Checked the movesets that were marked by the spreadsheet programming for manual confirmation or selection.
  • Added filler movesets from similar Ponymon (need modified later)
  • Dumped the moveset table into the new Ponymon Data fields.
  • Made and ran macro to clear old movesets and re pointed moveset pointers to the movesets in the Ponymon Data fields.


  • Checked and sorted move names from FR 1.0, FR1.1, PNMN0.4, PNMN0.4.1


  • Copied map names from PNMN014 to PNMN001U11
  • Removed old map names and re pointed map pointers


  • Copied MoveNames from PNMN0.4 to PNMN001U11
  • Copied MoveData from PNMN0.4 to PNMN001U11
  • Converting and/or changing move type ID's from PNMN0.4 to PNMN001U11


  • Finished converting and/or changing move type ID's from PNMN0.4 to PNMN001U11
  • Renamed many moves including a move I plan to convert to Sonic Rainboom
  • Updated Move names and movedata


  • Mapping ROM Intro


  • Mapping ROM Intro and TitleData
  • Planning Title screen

01/17/2017 thru 01/18/2017

  • Preparing new TitleData(too numerous to list here)
  • Importing new TitleData(too numerous to list here)
  • Finished title screen.
  • Enemy Altitude Table


  • Copied DexData to update tables and back to ROM with changes.
  • Player Y Table
  • Enemy Y Table
  • Updated PNMN001U11(Ponymon0.5) with PlayerY, EnemyY, and EnemyAltitude


  • Decoding and planing OverworldSprites and creating a table


  • Identified all PKMN map sprites and pallet ID's and map locations.
  • Tested cheat codes on new ROM and found VBA-M-WX generic codes work.


  • Transfered font changes from PNMN014 to PNMN001U11
  • Reviewing names for Dex2 and Dex3 Ponymon


  • Reviewing names for Dex2 and Dex3 Ponymon
  • Finished OEM Type Sprite makeover
  • Replaced 2044 instances of "Ké" with "NY"
  • Reworked Rainbow Dash replacement of Pika in opening text from PNMN014 (Rejected)



Replaced Pika with RD. Wings, eyes, and mouth move.

  • Made new Rainbow Dash replacement for Pika, and inserted her into ROM
  • Went to workfile PNMN002U11 to save PNMN001U11 as a checkpoint
  • Replaced PNMN014 TypesPic with new TypesPic
  • Preparing Item Tables
  • Made AdvancedItemEditor .ini with selectable FR 1.0 and FR 1.1


  • Finised ItemData/ItemUsage Table


  • resorting Names and Name selection (Finished 1 to 200)


  • Name Selection (about 30 too many)


  • Finished name Selection (Still open for negotiation)


  • New ?Icon to replace OEM
  • Inserted New ?Icon in ROM
  • Made algorithm and checklist to shift data to new names and order
  • Shifting some data to new locations.


  • Shifting data to match new names and order (~67%)


  • Shifting data to match new names and order (~97%)


  • Shifting data to match new names and order (100%)
  • Went to workfile PNMN003U11 to save PNMN002U11 as a checkpoint
  • Updated shifted names in ROM adding some fillers


  • Updated shifted BaseStats in ROM adding some fillers
  • Added remaining names to table and imported to ROM
  • Copied names to Ponymon Field instructions
  • Reordered NationalDex Table order to match PNMN and imported to ROM
  • Reordered SecondDex Table order to match PNMN and imported to ROM
  • Finished ALL Evolutions (Worked and checked)
  • Finished ALL Names (Checked)


  • Finished ALL CatchRates (BaseStats)
  • Finished ALL BaseExperience (BaseStats)


  • Finished ALL RunRates (BaseStats)
  • Finished ALL FemaleRate (BaseStats)
  • Finished ALL HappinessLvl (BaseStats)
  • Working on HP, Attack, Defense, Speed, Sp Attack, Sp Defense, and Types (BaseStats)


  • Finished ALL DirColor (BaseStats)
  • Imported BaseStat updates to ROM


  • Working BaseStats data (BaseStats=80.5% done) (includes checking)
  • Abilities 1 and 2 set to none for ALL Ponymon (BaseStats) (for now)
  • ALL HeldItems set to none (BaseStats)
  • ALL Steps to hatch set to 14h and egg groups set to disabled (BaseStats)
  • Working BaseStats data (BaseStats=79.2% done) (includes checking)
    • Working on HP, Attack, Defense, Speed, Sp Attack, Sp Defense
    • Type1, Type2
    • EVs1, EVs2


  • Imported BaseStat updates to ROM
  • Working BaseStats data (BaseStats=81.0% done) (includes checking)
    • Working on HP, Attack, Defense, Speed, Sp Attack, Sp Defense
    • Type1, Type2
    • EVs1, EVs2


  • Working BaseStats data (BaseStats=81.5% done) (includes checking)
    • Added filler stats for the rest
  • Made new sprite size, height and weight chart


  • Made BattleSprite sizing template
  • Made N Dinky battle sprite


  • Working PonydexData (15% of entries completed)
  • worked out sizing for minimal sprite rework
  • Reworked Lyra Sprite and made new NScootaloo Sprite to check template

02/11/2017 to 02/16/2017

  • Working PonydexData (21.7% of entries completed 100% not including PicData)
  • Updated ROM with PonydexData


  • Finished mapping overworld poke sprites and Pallets and started working Pony sprites
  • Modified 3 of 3 overmap sprites from 0.4 and made 5 more


  • Finished mapping ALL 154 overworld sprites and isolated unused sprite pallets


  • Working BaseStats data (BaseStats=81.6% done) (includes checking)

02/23/2017 to 02/28/2017

  • Mapping ROM Text (dialog, signs, etc.) up to D00000h
  • Brief look into GBA crys and music and midi
  • Maud Sprite for Tutorial
  • Straightened a Ponymon Sprite mixup

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