PONYMON 400:03


Ponymon 0.4 is done!!

This will be here as an info page for 0.4.

Approximate percentage of update done: 100%

Please see the Downloads page, or see the Progress on the next Ponymon Dawn Dusk update.

Pictures / Screen shots


The text of the npc's/signs have been changed.

| | |

New Ponymon have been added to the game and are catchable now.

| | |

Rarity's Mine has also been added to the game.

| | |

Trainer's Ponymon have been fixed.

Explanations / Minor Updates / Updates Without Screen shots

In the new update the following areas will be available:

  • Manehattan
  • The S.S. Anne
  • Rarity's Mine
  • Manehattan's gym

The Nightmare Night evolutions are added to the game.

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