??? Pony
Artwork General
Private pansy
Regional Ponydex: #13
Evolves From: multiple
Evolves Into: multiple
First Appeared: Flutteryay Alpha 0.3
Pronunciation: /ˈpɹaɪvɪt/ /'pænzi/
Sprite(s): 013 Private Pansy
Base Stats Biological Details
HP:  ??? Species:  ??? Pony
Attack:  ??? Type(s): Kindness/Passion
Defense:  ??? Height: ???
Special Atk:  ??? Weight: ???
Special Def:  ??? Abilities:  ???
Speed:  ??? Ponydex Color: Yellow
Stat Total:  ??? Gender: 100% ♀
    Cry: [[File:{{{cry}}}]]

Ponydex Entry

0.4: Though acting as privates in the pegasopolan army, PVT. PANSY seem unfit for military duty.

New: PRIVATE PANSY, of the Pegasopolian Army, seems unfit for military duty.



Evolves from GFluttrshy - (Fire Stone) - Gala Fluttershy

Evolves from NFluttrshy - (Fire Stone) - Nightmare Night costume Fluttershy

Evolves from DFluttrshy - (Fire Stone) - Discorded Fluttershy

Evolves from HFluttrshy - (Fire Stone) - Element of Harmony Fluttershy

Evolves to GFluttrshy - (Water stone) - Gala Fluttershy

Evolves to NFluttrshy - Moon Stone - Nightmare Night costume Fluttershy

Evolves to DFluttrshy - Thunder Stone - Discorded Fluttershy

Evolves to HFluttrshy - Sun Stone - Element of Harmony Fluttershy


Coming soon.

Catch Area

Coming soon.


  • Coming soon.

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