Helping Hand1

Helping Hand +5

Attacks and moves during combat are done in turns. During a turn, each ponymon will choose a move and then the ponymons will attempt to use this move and the one with the highest Speed stat will do it first.

However some actions or moves have their priority higher or lower than regular moves, disregarding the speed. An action with a higher priority will always occur the first in the turn.

Priority Action/Move
.+7 Pursuit (only if the opponent changes)
.+6 Changing ponymon, Fleeing, Using Items
.+5 Helping Hand
.+4 none for now, 0.32
.+3 Follow Me, Endure, Detect
.+2 Extremespeed
.+1 Dash, Blazing Hoof, Dash
0 Every other moves not listed here
.-1 Vital Throw
.-2 Counter

More moves will need to be added with following expansions

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