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This is a temporary page to transition to the new naming convention and finished ponydex listings. If you comment on this page, the comments will be lost if this page is removed.

Many of the Ponymon names are set, but changes to the Ponymon (Ponydex Gen1, Gen2 and Gen3) will be considered as long as updates are still being made. PLEASE leave any suggestions on the suggestions blog. Since there are only a total of 386 usable entries, there were many more names than entries. The wiki pages to find Ponymon names are listed on the suggestions blog. Remember all ages and variations count as separate Ponymon entries. Please speak up for your favorites as less popular Ponymon may be removed to make room for others.

Naming Convention

(Letters only; no special Chars)


  • C = Costume
  • G = Gala
  • H = Hero (Harmony, CMC)
  • N = Nightmare Night
  • P = Princess or Prince
  • Q = Queen
  • W = Wonderbolt
  • Y = Young
  • (name) = adult or Hearths Warming


  • E = Earth pony
  • P = Pegasus
  • U = Unicorn

Ponymon by Ponydex Number

# 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
00 ?????????? YApplejack Applejack GApplejack NApplejack DApplejack SmrtCookie HApplejack YFluttrshy Fluttershy
10 GFluttrshy NFluttrshy DFluttrshy PrivtPansy HFluttrshy YPinkiePie Pinkie Pie GPinkiePie NPinkiePie DPinkiePie
20 Ch Pudding HPinkiePie Y RnbwDash RainbwDash G RnbwDash N RnbwDash D RnbwDash CdrHurricn H RnbwDash Y Rarity
30 Rarity G Rarity N Rarity D Rarity PrncsPltnm H Rarity Y Twilight Twilight G Twilight N Twilight
40 D Twilight Clover H Twilight Spike N Spike AppleBloom C AplBloom N AplBloom H AplBloom Scootaloo
50 CScootaloo NScootaloo HScootaloo SwtieBelle C SwtBelle N SwtBelle H SwtBelle Dmnd Tiara Slvr Spoon Ppmt Twist
60 Snips Snails Y Trixie Trixie GAP Trixie YCheerilee Cheerilee 80s Cheer Y Zecora Zecora
70 N Zecora Y Gilda Gilda Y Lyra Lyra N Lyra Y Bon Bon Bon Bon N Bon Bon YGldnHrvst
80 GoldnHrvst NGldnHrvst Y BryPunch BerryPunch N BryPunch Y Minuette Minuette N Minuette YTwnkleshn Twinkleshn
90 Y Big Mac Big Mac N Big Mac Y Daisy Daisy Y Lily LilyValley Y Roseluck Roseluck Dinky
# 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
100 N Dinky Y Doctor Dr Hooves The Doctor Y Derpy Derpy N Derpy Y Aloe Aloe Y Lotus
110 Lotus HndoFlanks CkieCrmbls RnbwBlaze Rnbwshine IgneusRPie CldyQuartz Y Maud Pie Maud Pie YLimstnPie
120 LimestnPie YMarblePie Marble Pie Y SolarGrd SolarGuard Y LunarGrd LunarGuard MrShy MrsShy Zephyr Brz
130 NightLight TwltVelvet GrnnySmith BeautyBrss YVnlScrtch VynlScrtch Y Octavia Octavia Shrff Sstr Sapphire S
140 HoityToity Y PrncBbld PrncBlubld CrPrncBbld Y Celestia Celestia PrCelestia YPrncsLuna Prncs Luna Ngtm Moon
150 Y Discord Discord Y Cadence Cadence PrncsCdnce YShngArmor Shng Armor CptShArmor Flurry Hrt PGTwilight
160 PNTwilight PDTwilight CloverPTwi PHTwilight YHrryTrttr HarryTrttr Shadowbolt Soarin W Soarin Spitfire
170 W Spitfire Surprise W Surprise Blaze W Blaze Misty Fly W MistyFly SilverZoom WSlverZoom Fleetfoot
180 WFleetfoot High Winds WHighWinds FireStreak W FireStrk LghtngStrk W LtngStrk Sun Chaser WSunChaser Wave Chill
190 WWaveChill Wind Waker WWindWaker Tight Ship WTightShip Fast Clip W FastClip Whiplash W Whiplash Firefly
# 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
200 W Firefly Unown AKYearling Daring Do M D Well E M D Well P M D Well U YMayorMare Mayor Mare NMayorMare
210 RvnInkwell N RvnInkwl Y WhtLghng Wht Lghtng YLghtngDst LghtngDust YCldKicker Cld Kicker N CldKikr YSassaflsh
220 Sassaflash NSassaflsh SunshowerR NSunshower StarryEyes MdniteStrk YStarHnter StarHunter CarrotCake Cup Cake
230 NCrrotCake N Cup Cake Pound Cake PmpkinCake Doc Top Mane Gdall DctorHorse Nrs Redhrt NrsSnowhrt Nrs Swthrt
240 NrsTndrhrt NrsryRhyme PhotoFnish CPhotoFnsh Roxie Rave StlaLashes Pwdr Rouge Pretty Vsn Sgne Folio Mdnght Fun
250 RglCandent FleurDeLis FancyPants Swan Song GldenGavel SlvrFrames Jet Set UpperCrust Top Marks PrmHemline
260 SuriPolomr Tenderhoof Coloratura ZestyGrmnd Toe Tapper Torch Song JadeSinger Ms Hrshwny CrftyCrate BulkBiceps
270 YBlosmfrth Blossmfrth YCloudChsr Cloud Chsr Y Flitter Flitter YThndrlane Thundrlane Y Rumble Rumble
280 Pipsqueak NPipsqueak Feathrwght TrfflShffl CottonCldy Noi N Noi ChrryBery NChrryBrry FiddlyTwng
290 NFddlyTwng Gldn Grape NGldnGrape MeadowSong NMeadowSng OrangeSwrl N OrngSwrl PinaColada NPinaClada PrsErroria
# 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
300 N Erroria Lemon Hrts NLemonHrts Starburst NStarburst Sea Swirl N SeaSwirl UnclOrange AuntOrange Braeburn
310 YCrmlApple Crml Apple AppleBmpkn AppleFrttr Red Gala RDelicious GDelicious AppleCider AplMnchies AppleCbblr
320 Jonagold AplStrudel Winona Tiberius Gummy Tank Opalescnce Owlowiscs Peewee Philomena
330 Angel NAngel Ace Point YNotewrthy Noteworthy Y Junebug Junebug YCandyMane Candy Mane NCandyMane
340 H Jellius SpklMedley Y Mjölna Mjölna Y Caramel Caramel Peachbottm ChseSndwch TrbleShoes CrankyDdle
350 Matilda LStronghrt ChThndrhvs Steven M Marina Jewel Ursa Minor Ursa Major Screwball Garble
360 PrncsEmber Seabreeze Twirly Cloudia B SeaBreezie Sunset B Sunny B Breezette Parasprite Dumb-Bell
370 SunsetShmr Rover Fido Spot Iron Will Flim Flam Timberwolf Windigo Ahuizotl
380 Changeling Kevin Ch Captain Chrysalis Q Chryslis Thorax Thorax Evo

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