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I don't think this has been uploaded on this site, so for those of you that didn't know, here is the custom type matchup list for ponymon!

Welcome to the Ponymon Dawn/Dusk Wiki

This is a Wiki about a hack/mod for Pokemon FireRed/LeafGreen. It puts you in control of your favourite characters from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

Can you become a Ponymon Master?
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Sweetie Belle-Mare
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Current updates of the Ponydex

Current Gen I Ponydex: >>>Ponydex for Flutteryay's Alpha 0.3<<<

Current Gen II Ponydex: >>>National Dex Gen II <<<

Gen II Ponydex Discussion page: >>>National Dex: Generation II<<<

Important Update

I hope that there are people who are still following this project, cause I am glad to say that this game is in fact not dead yet. I am happy to say that I am working on getting the next version of Ponymon out.  I will try my best to get it out to the rest of the brony community. 

(Computerstickman (talk) 21:46, February 22, 2014 (UTC))

About Ponymon Dawn/Dusk

Ponymon Dawn/Dusk Versions are hacked ROMS of Pokemon FireRed/LeafGreen. They were created by DuskShine and uploaded to FunnyJunk onto his page. The project was taken over by chaosfission due to Dusk being AWOL for about a month; however it was then passed down to flutteryay! Who has now passed the torch over to Cobalt, who is being helped by Michael Scratch.

Anyway, the game is currently re-done and back on Alpha 0.1. Here are download links for
Apple Bloom-Mare
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Install guide Playthrough by Jack Ep 3(20:21)
Watch this video if you'd like to know how to save and play the game! (Wonderful thumbnail as well, if I do say so myself)

the game:

Latest version download:

Version 0.1 (Link: )

Version 0.21 (Link:

Version 0.3 (Link: )

Version 0.32 (Link:

We recommend to play this you use Visual Boy Advance (Link: Go to the 'Downloads' section and choose a version which will work for you.

For Android Phone users, I recommend MyBoy Advance (Link:

WARNING: These are alphas and are not completed games. There are a lot of bugs in this game which should be fixed in updates. A major bug in Duskshine's Alpha 0.3 is the "Ponyville Sonic Rainnuke" - Ponyville is glitched in 0.3, and will not work. However, when Flutteryay took over, this problem is fixed (Flutteryay's Alpha 0.1)

When you need to update versions, follow the instructions in the video to the right.

For a brief history and a list of the versions of the game, please check out this page.

The changelog is a good place to go to see the progress on the game and any bugs being worked on.

If you need any additional help, post a message on Michael Scratch's or Marioland 's talk page, and they'll try try to help you out.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you have any problems about this game or want to ask us a question about the game, check to see if your answer is HERE! You might get an instant response to your problem!


Multiplayer is available in Ponymon Dawn/Dusk. However, in order to use multiplayer over the internet, you will need VBALink and Hamachi.

A list of available servers are being placed on the Hamachi Server dump and Multiplayer request page for your convenience. You can also post your own servers there.

Here's the download links for Hamachi and VBALink (Download the 1.8 version, it's a lot easier to use!)

Want to help??? Awesome!!!

I know you can't wait to get started~

But let me first set a few rules~

It is of utmost importance the thing that you edit is something that's awesome and cool~

Umm, ahem

If you have any suggestions leave them HERE.

Want to follow us? Suggest how you do HERE

Post your playthroughs HERE


So I made a Tumblr due to popular demand, and here's a page with a link to it because I want you guys to see something oh its so freaking rad.

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    Comment: New server: Ponymon2014 Password: ponies
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    Comment: Vinyl currently has no moveset, as she has not been implemented yet.  When she is finally accessible, we'll have a moveset for her.
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    Comment: Anyone know Vinyl's moves? Please tell me one is Bass Cannon XD!
  • discussion page Talk:ROSELUCK
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    Comment: I love Rose <3 I was so excited to add her and The Doctor to my team at the same time XD. But how come Roseluck's a Generosity/Courage Ponymon if...
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    Comment: I spoil some things on the sheet. Twicane Spikedash Cheesepie Nightmare Rarity Flutterlestia Help me with AJ please! I have no idea what to do with...
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    Comment: I wasn't talking about the battle sprites.
  • discussion page Suggestion Post.
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    Comment: Okay this is a hack that replaces 386 different pokemon with characterd from G4 MLP and some from G1 like Surprise(Pinkie Pie's ancestor) and General...
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    Comment: I have this idea of a pony following you around. Specifically, the one in the first slot. Also, Elements of Harmony hold items! Besides that, if...
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    Comment: It's also funny because Luna would be blue, and dragonair is blue...


We do not own My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic or Pokemon. As much as I would like to, they are properties of their respective companies. This is a non-profit project and we encourage you to support the original owners.

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