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Catching Ponymon is one of the biggest points to playing Ponymon. Without the ability to catch Ponies, you would not be able to complete Professor Oak's Ponydex, and you would get stuck and not be able to finish the game!
Untitled 2

A Ponyball as it appears in the backpack.

In order to catch Ponymon, you need a Ponymon of your own and a Pony Ball to catch them with.  When in battle with a wild Ponymon, select the "items" menu, press the right key until the Pony Balls pocket opens, select your Pony Ball, and then select "use".  Your character will throw a Pony Ball out onto the field and attempt to catch the wild Ponymon as the ball wobbles on the ground.  If the ball stops wobbling and a clicking sound plays, you have captured the wild Ponymon, which will then join your team as an ally.  Otherwise, the ball will open, the Ponymon will be released, and the battle will continue.

It's often a good idea to weaken the wild Ponymon a bit first by either decreasing it's health, giving it a status effect like sleep or paralysis, or a combination of the two.  This will increase the capture rate by a large amount.  However, it is impossible to capture another brony's Ponymon, as they will deflect the ball themselves.

If you catch any Ponymon when your party is full, they will automatically be sent to "BILL'S PC" (or Someone's PC if you haven't met BILL yet), and can be kept there or traded out for Ponymon in your party.

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