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Laughter Pony
Artwork General
National Ponydex: #16
Evolves From: F PINKIE
Evolves Into: G PINKIE
First Appeared: First Gen
Pronunciation: /ˈpɪŋki/ /paɪ/
Sprite(s): 016 Pinkie
Base Stats Biological Details
HP: 75 Species: Laughter Pony
Attack: 90 Type(s): Laughter
Defense: 85 Height: ???
Special Atk: 55 Weight: ???
Special Def: 85 Abilities:  ???
Speed: 55 Ponydex Color: Pink
Stat Total: 445 Gender: 100% ♀
    Cry: [[File:{{{cry}}}]]

A Laughter type, this pony is the evolution of a starter in Ponymon Dusk.

Ponydex Entry

It is not uncommon to find PINKIE PIES asleep in an urban area after a long day of party.


Evolves from F PINKIE - lvl 18

G PINKIE - lvl 32

Planned Evolutions

Nightmare Night Pinkie

Discorded Pinkie

Hearths Warming Eve Pinkie/Chancelor Puddinghead

Element of Laughter Pinkie


Level Move Type Category Power Accuracy PP


Hoof Stomp

Light Attack 35 100 35
Start Giggle Laughter Status N/A 100 40
7 Squeeze Hug Laughter Attack 20 75 20
12 Tail Whip Light Status N/A 100 30
17 Present Light Attack N/A 90 15

Double Team

Passion Status N/A N/A 15
25 Bounce Laughter Attack 70 85 10
29 Detect Courage Status N/A N/A 5
33 Squee Kindness Status N/A 100 15
37 Follow Me Light Status N/A 100 20
41 Sweet Scent Courage Status N/A 100 20
46 Agility Passion Status N/A N/A 30
52 Helping Hand Light Status N/A 100 20

Catch Area

Route 6 (Can only be obtained with the use of cheats)


Was based on the G1 Pegasus Surprise.

In the 0.4.1 update, her base stats were altered. Speed 55->70 and SpDef 85->55

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