Artwork General
Regional Ponydex: #18
Evolves From: multiple
Evolves Into: multiple
First Appeared: Flutteryay Alpha 0.3
Pronunciation:  ???
Sprite(s): 011 011
Base Stats Biological Details
HP:  ??? Species:  ???
Attack:  ??? Type(s): Kindness/Dark
Defense:  ??? Height: ???
Special Atk:  ??? Weight: ???
Special Def:  ??? Abilities:  ???
Speed:  ??? Ponydex Color: Yellow
Stat Total:  ??? Gender: 100% ♀
    Cry: [[File:]]
N fshy-0


Ponydex Entry

Old: In an attempt to appear more fearsome, N FSHYS don nordic battle armor.

New: Nightmare Night Fluttershy went from Scaredy-shy to Scary-shy by wearing this costume.



Evolves from GFluttrshy - Moon Stone - Gala Fluttershy

Evolves from DFluttrshy - Moon Stone - Discorded Fluttershy

Evolves from PrivtPansy - Moon Stone - Hearth's Warming Eve costume Fluttershy

Evolves from HFluttrshy - Moon Stone - Element of Harmony Fluttershy

Evolves to GFluttrshy - (Water stone) - Gala Fluttershy

Evolves to DFluttrshy - Thunder Stone - Discorded Fluttershy

Evolves to PrivtPansy - (Fire Stone) - Hearth's Warming Eve costume Fluttershy

Evolves to HFluttrshy - Sun Stone - Element of Harmony Fluttershy


Coming soon.

Catch Area

Coming soon.


  • This will become Fluttershy as Flutterbat from the season 5 Nightmare Night episode "Scare Master" HERE.


Nightmare Night Fluttershy

Her costume as seen in the ios app.

From the costume in the ios app its would be more reasonable to have Fluttershy's sprite in that form. --Computerstickman

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