Mimic is a Light type move. It consists of copying the last move the target used and replacing its slot with that move for the rest of the battle.
Note that this will not work if the Ponymon using it already knows the move that is being mimicked as no Ponymon can know the same move twice; you will receive a "But it failed" message every time it is attempted in this instance.

Mimic, as a light move.

Mimic can be learned by: Scootaloo (level 20), Dmnd Tiara (level 14), SwtieBelle (level 16), AppleBloom (level 19), C AplBloom (level 19), CScootaloo (level 16), C SwtBelle (level 16)


"The user copies the move last used by the foe for the rest of the battle."


Type Power Accuracy PP
Light --- 100 10
DISCLAIMER: More ponies may need to be added with further expansions.