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Playable Map

Playable Map (Main area)

Safari Zone

Safari Zone Map (Is that an alicon on the map?)

This is a list of locations that you will visit in the game.



  • Sweet Apple Acres
  • Ponyville - Earth Badge
  • Everfree Forest
  • Hoofington - Boulder Badge (Rename Vanhoover)
  • Manehattan - Cascade Badge
  • Baltimare - Thunder Badge
  • Fillydelphia (Switched names w/ Manehattan to be geographically correct)
  • Cloudsdale - Rainbow Badge
  • Canterlot - Marsh Badge
  • Appleloosa - Soul Badge
  • Las Pegasus - Volcano Badge
  • Yakyakistan - (Renamed from Indigo Plateau)
  • SS Luna (Renamed from SS Anne)

SEVII Islands (Use as Other Equestria locations)
The maps for these are going to be modified, and several may not be islands in the game.

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