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Bag Items

Items as shown in a player's bag.

Items are objects in the game that Bronies can use to aid them in their journey.

Getting Items

Ponymon Mart

Main Article: Ponymon Mart

Ponymon Marts sell a various selection of items that a Brony may need. These marts are located in every major town in Equestria. As Bronies progress, Ponymon Marts begin stocking better, more powerful items.

Ground Items

Hidden Item tuft

Hidden item.

Items can be found on the ground anywhere throughout Equestria. Some items are visible, and appear in an Item Ball, similar to a Pony Ball. Other items, known as Hidden Items, can't be seen and must be searched for. These items can be found using an Item Finder, but the player can also look for little tufts of grass which indicate a hidden item being there.

Prof. Oak's Aide


Prof. Oak's Aide on Route 2 will give you HM05.

Prof. Oak's Aides can be found throughout Equestria, and will give give you important and useful items when certain requirements are met. The first Aide you come across will give you a pair of Running Shoes at the entrance to Route 3 after you've beaten Brock at the Vanhoover Gym.

Storing Items


The bag is used to carry items while players are on their journey. It is split into 3 main section: Items, Key Items, and Pony Balls. The Items section holds all regular items (Potions, Antidotes, Escape Ropes, Repels, etc.). The Key Items section holds important items that aren't regularly used (Map, Berry Pouch, TM Case etc.). The last section is used to carry all of the player's Pony Balls.


Main Article: PC

The PC has several uses, including storing items. When the PC opens, selecting 'Player's PC' accesses the player's personal item storage. Players can use it to store important items that they would like to use later on, and items that the player has no need for so the player's bag isn't cluttered.

Held Items

Items can be held, and, in some cases, used by Ponymon in battle. Some held items will give a Ponymon stat boosts, and others are used to cure status ailments, or regain HP. Having a Ponymon hold an item will also free up a slot in the player's bag, leaving more room for other items.

Types of Items

Coming soon.

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