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ROM locations for title screen elements and pallets are managed on the "Map(ROM Offsets)" of File:PNMNROMMap.ods, which is in work. The Ponymon title screen offsets are near the bottom of that table.


This is a tutorial that will cover every aspect of a title screen overhaul. To do this overhaul the following software is needed. HexEdit or similar, GBA Graphics Editor, GIMP or similar image editing software that supports indexed colors and .png image output, NTME (1.1) for making tile map RAW data.



This tileset is one of the few elements of the game that uses a 256 indexed color pallet. This makes the tile map for this element rather simple. Anything using 256 indexed colors automaticly uses pallet 0 for the whole screen on the tilemap.


This picture shows the tilemap with pallet 0 chosen for the entire screen. If you scroll to the right on the PalletMap area, you will see two more columns of tile 0 marked with pallet 0 that are not seen on screen in the game. once set up at 32x20 with tiles in place and all tiles marked pallet 0 the tile map raw can be exported.


This is a screen shot of the GBA Graphics Editor set to see the tile set with pallet and tile map active after each has been updated. It also shows a bit of PNMNROMMap.ods in the lower right corner with the relevant data showing.


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