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Movesets are tracked and edited on the "Moveset Pointers" and "Movesets" tab of File:PNMNData.ods.

Moveset Explanation

Movesets determine what moves a Ponymon (or Pokemon) will learn, and what level it will try to learn the move at. Most game mods leave the moveset lists in place and end up overrunning that part of the ROM, but they have been moved to a Ponymon data field for this game and have been given room for up to 32 moves for each Ponymon entry. Each moveset are a series of data fields containing a level and a move to learn. Each moveset ends with the end of set terminator FFFFh. Each field contains two bytes (XXXXh), with the first 7 bits for the level and the last 9 bits for the move.

(d=decimal; h=hexadecimal; b=binary)

For example, lets say Pinkie Pie learns party cannon at level 40. First convert the level to hex or binary (40d = 28h = 0101000b). Then likewise, convert the move number (Party Cannon = 190d = BEh = 010111110b). Note that the binary shows 7_bytes and 9_bytes respectively. This will help when combining them. The data field is in order of level then move (0101000b then 010111110b -> 0101000010111110b = 50BEh). Since the ROM data is written lowest byte first, the hexadecimal pairs appear in the opposite order (BE 50). After the last move, add FFFFh (... BE 50 FF FF). Here is the moveset (Highlighted) for Young Applejack as it appears in the ROM:


Movesets for Ponymon Dawn/Dusk

For the purpose of this game submitting movesets will be just a list of level number and move name pairs. More powerful moves, and especially more powerful same type moves should be reserved for higher levels. This is to keep Ponymon from becoming unusually powerful too early. Remember to keep the moveset to 32 moves or less. Using all 32 move slots for more popular Ponymon may work out well, but may be overkill for other Ponymon.

Submitting A Moveset

To submit a moveset, make a list of move names paired with associated levels. Make sure to state the Ponymon that the list is for in the comment. Please do not make information updates in a "reply". Please make the modifications to the original post instead by hovering your cursor over it and select "edit". If you are making a sprite or icon submission for the same Ponymon, please add your moveset suggestion to the sprite submission post on the Sprite Request List page. Use "edit" if the sprite is already posted.

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