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Hoffington Gym

Interior of the gym

Gym outside

Signs read: Hoofingtown leader: Brock The Filly loving ponymon (Platonically) ಠ_ಠ

The Hoofington Gym is the official gym of Hoofington. It is the first Gym bronies can go to earn a badge. The Gym Leader is Brock. Bronies that defeat him receive the Boulder Badge.


-Camper Liam-

SwtieBelle Lvl 10

SwtieBelle Lvl 11


Scootaloo Lvl 12

AppleBloom Lvl 14


If you want things easy catch Y Zecora and level her up to level 7 so she learns Confusion, which is super effective against all the Ponymon Brock is using (at least in 0.2, in which they are all Light type). Even without Zecora, level up a little bit before entering and it shouldn't give you too much trouble.


TM 39 Rock Tomb for defeating Brock.


  • Brock makes a bad skyrim reference when you first talk to him to initiate the battle.
  • When first talking to Brock to initiate the Gym battle he mentions that he has three ponies. However, upon fighting Brock he only has two ponies.

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