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Hoofington City

Hoofington is a city located in Northwestern Equestria. The city can be accessed via Route 2 from the south, and Route 3 to the east. It has a population of 33.

Places of Interest

Hoofington Gym

Main Article: Hoofington Gym

Hoofington Gym is the the first open gym the player encounters during their journey. It has one brony and the Gym Leader, Brock. When defeated, Brock will present a Brony with the Boulderbadge.

Hoofington Museum
Museum of Science

The Museum of Science is a science research building that houses artifacts and fossils. It costs 50bits to enter the museum and see the exhibits. The downstairs has two Ponymon fossils on display, the Jazz Fossil and the Classical Fossil. Upstairs is a space exhibit that has a space shuttle, and Moon Stones on display.

Ponymon Mart

Ponyball: A ball thrown to catch a wild Ponymon. 200bits

Juice: A 100% pure juice used to restore a Ponymon's HP. 100bits

Antidote: A spray type medicine used to cure Poison. 100bits

Parlyz Heal: A spray type medicine used to cure Paralysis. 200bits

Awakening: A spray type medicine used to cure Sleep. 250bits

Burn heal: A spray type medicine used to cure Burn. 250bits

Escape rope: A long, durable rope. Use it to escape instantly from a cave or a dungeon. 550bits

Repel: Prevents weak wild Ponymon from appearing for 100 steps. 350bits


Ponyball: West of the Museum (hidden).

Running Shoes: From Professor Oak's aid, right before entering Route 3.

Brony Tips

"All Ponymon who appear in battle, no matter how briefly, earn EXP Points."

"Notice! Thieves have been stealing Ponymon fossils from Mt. Moon. Please call the Royal Guard if you have any information."

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