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Because Ponymon is a modification of FireRed, Ponymon also supports multiplayer. But in order to play multiplayer on an emulator, you need Hamachi, and a server to connect to.

So here is a page for players to 'dump' their Hamachi server info. Vacant servers will be put in the page content, and updated daily for your convenience.


List of Hamachi Servers

List of Hamachi Servers with Available Slots
PonymonAwesomeLunaSever LunaAngelOfDarkness 1/15 (15 offline) Dark Angel Gurl 9:31 PM AEST 12/22/15
PonymonDawnDuskFTW ponies 5/5 (5 offline) Redfiend 12:45 PM AEST 15/12/12
PonymonDawnDuskFTW2 ponies 5/5 (5 offline) Redfiend 12:45 PM AEST 15/12/12
PonymonDawnDuskFTW3 ponies 5/5 (5 offline) Redfiend 12:45 PM AEST 15/12/12
PonymonDawnDuskFTW4 ponies 5/5 (5 offline) Redfiend 12:45 PM AEST 15/12/12
PonymonDawnDuskFTW5 ponies 2/5 (3 offline) Anonymous User 12:45 PM AEST 23/12/12
MineDiggez 123 5/5 (5 offline) Anonymous User Never


fluttershy ?/5 (? offline) Anonymous User

10:14 AM AEST 1/19/13


ponymon 1/5 (? offline) nachomeep



I'mSerious 1/5 (0 offline) 991woot119 Never


broniesunite 1/5 (4 offline) mojoillumini 3:24 PM AEST 8/4/13
VinylScratchIsBestPONYMON djpon3 1/5 (0 offline) Roythehedgechidna8



ponies 1/5 (0 offline) River Road Never

More Info

If you do not have Hamachi, or do not fully understand how multiplayer on Ponymon works, I recommend taking a look at this tutorial set up by Marioland for just such an occasion.

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