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Gyms are buildings where Ponymon trainers gather in major locations across the region. Each gym specializes in a particular type of Ponymon. After defeating everyone in each gym, the leader gives the player a badge that enables the player to use certain moves. The badges are also required to pass the guards on Route 23.

Vanhoover Gym

  • Leader: Brock
  • Type emphasis: Rock (change?)
  • Badge: Boulder Badge

Manehattan Gym

  • Leader: Misty
  • Type emphasis: Water (change?)
  • Badge: Cascade Badge

Baltimare Gym

  • Leader: Lt. Surge
  • Type emphasis: Electric (change?)
  • Badge: Thunder Badge

Canterlot Gym

  • Leader: Erika
  • Type emphasis: Grass (change?)
  • Badge: Rainbow Badge

Manechester Gym

  • Leader: Koga
  • Type emphasis: Poison (change?)
  • Badge: Soul Badge

Dodge Junction Gym

  • Leader: Sabrina
  • Type emphasis: Psychic (change? Magic?)
  • Badge: Marsh Badge

Las Pegasus Gym

  • Leader: Blaine
  • Type emphasis: Fire (change?)
  • Badge: Volcano Badge

Ponyville Gym

  • Leader: Giovanni
  • Type emphasis: Ground (change?)
  • Badge: Earth Badge

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