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Number Icon Name Sprite Type
152 TBA Y Cadence Young Cadance UnknownType
153 TBA Cadence TBA TBA
154 249 PrncsCdnce Princess Cadance Battle UnknownType
155 TBA YShngArmor TBA UnknownType
156 TBA Shng Armor TBA TBA
157 TBA CptShArmor TBA UnknownType
158 TBA Flurry Hrt TBA TBA
159 TBA PGTwilight TBA TBA
160 TBA PNTwilight TBA TBA
161 TBA PDTwilight TBA TBA
162 TBA CloverPTwi TBA TBA
163 TBA PHTwilight TBA TBA
164 TBA YHrryTrttr TBA TBA
165 TBA HarryTrttr TBA TBA
166 118 Shadowbolt Shadowbolt Dark
167 112 Soarin TBA Courage
168 113 W Soarin TBA CouragePassion
169 114 Spitfire TBA Loyalty
170 115a W Spitfire TBA LoyaltyPassion
171 116a Surprise Surprise Laughter
172 117 W Surprise 117WSpitfire1F LaughterPassion
173 TBA Blaze TBA TBA
174 TBA W Blaze TBA TBA
175 TBA Misty Fly TBA TBA
176 TBA W MistyFly TBA TBA
177 TBA SilverZoom TBA TBA
178 TBA WSlverZoom TBA TBA
179 TBA Fleetfoot TBA TBA
180 TBA WFleetfoot TBA TBA
181 TBA High Winds TBA TBA
182 TBA WHighWinds TBA TBA
183 TBA FireStreak TBA TBA
184 TBA W FireStrk TBA TBA
185 TBA LghtngStrk TBA TBA
186 TBA W LtngStrk TBA TBA
187 TBA Sun Chaser TBA TBA
188 TBA WSunChaser TBA TBA
189 TBA Wave Chill TBA TBA
190 TBA WWaveChill TBA TBA
191 TBA Wind Waker TBA TBA
192 TBA WWindWaker TBA TBA
193 TBA Tight Ship TBA TBA
194 TBA WTightShip TBA TBA
195 TBA Fast Clip TBA TBA
196 TBA W FastClip TBA TBA
197 TBA Whiplash TBA TBA
198 TBA W Whiplash TBA TBA
199 196 Firefly TBA UnknownType
200 TBA W Firefly TBA TBA
201 TBA Unown TBA TBA
202 TBA AKYearling TBA TBA
203 TBA Daring Do TBA TBA
204 TBA M D Well E TBA TBA
205 TBA M D Well P TBA TBA
206 TBA M D Well U TBA TBA
207 TBA YMayorMare TBA TBA
208 TBA Mayor Mare TBA TBA
209 TBA NMayorMare TBA TBA
210 TBA RvnInkwell TBA TBA
211 TBA N RvnInkwl TBA TBA
212 TBA Y WhtLghng TBA TBA
213 TBA Wht Lghtng TBA TBA
214 TBA YLghtngDst TBA TBA
215 TBA LghtngDust TBA TBA
216 TBA YCldKicker TBA TBA
217 TBA Cld Kicker TBA TBA
218 TBA N CldKikr TBA TBA
219 TBA YSassaflsh TBA TBA
220 TBA Sassaflash TBA TBA
221 TBA NSassaflsh TBA TBA
222 TBA SunshowerR TBA TBA
223 TBA NSunshower TBA TBA
224 TBA StarryEyes TBA TBA
225 TBA MdniteStrk TBA TBA
226 TBA YStarHnter TBA TBA
227 TBA StarHunter TBA TBA
228 TBA CarrotCake TBA TBA
229 TBA NCrrotCake TBA TBA
230 TBA Cup Cake TBA TBA
231 TBA N Cup Cake TBA TBA
232 TBA Pound Cake TBA TBA
233 TBA PmpkinCake TBA TBA
234 TBA Doc Top TBA TBA
235 TBA Mane Gdall TBA TBA
236 TBA DctorHorse TBA TBA
237 132 Nurse Red Nurse Redheart KindnessLight
238 TBA NrsSnowhrt TBA TBA
239 TBA Nrs Swthrt TBA TBA
240 TBA NrsTndrhrt TBA TBA
241 TBA NrsryRhyme TBA TBA
242 110a PhotoFnish P Finish Light
243 111 CPhotoFnsh Costume Finish MagicLight
244 TBA Roxie Rave TBA TBA
245 TBA StlaLashes TBA TBA
246 TBA Pwdr Rouge TBA TBA
247 TBA Pretty Vsn TBA TBA
248 TBA Sgne Folio TBA TBA
249 TBA Mdnght Fun TBA TBA
250 TBA RglCandent TBA TBA
251 141 FleurDeLis Fleur battle PassionSpirit

Please Note: If you would like to discuss changes you are welcome to do so on our blog page HERE.

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