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Fly is a Flying type move where the user soars up into the air and lands on the opponent next turn. This move is only available by using HM2. It is used to go to towns that you have already visited.



"A 2-turn move that hits on the 2nd turn. Use it to fly to any known town."


Type Power Accuracy PP
70 95 15


  • This Move is a direct replacement for FLY.

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It is a physical move and it has 90 power

It can only be taught to any Pegasus, after Celadon City, use Hm01 enter the top half of the gate, go to a house, go inside and talk to the NPC inside, and HM02 is yours but you must have the thunder badge to use it.

It is a field move that allows the player to go back to any town, or city, they have been to, e.g you're in Lavender town and want to go to Saffron city but don't want to walk there, have a Rainbow Dash fly you there.

"The foe is attacked with a sharp chop. It has a high critical-hit ratio."

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