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Fillydelphia Gym

Inside Fillydelphia Gym

Ponymon Dawn 0.3 02

Sign: Welcome to the spa!

Fillydelphia Gym is the official gym of Fillydelphia. The sign tells that the gym is considered the spa. The gym leader is Misty, Defeat her to get the CASCADE BADGE.



Fluttershy - Level 16 - Kindness
-Tail Whip - Lowers your Ponymon's defense.
-Fake Tears - Sp. Def falls harshly.
-Wing Attack - 60 POWER, 100 ACCURACY

Rarity - Level 16 -Generosity
-Rock Sift - 50 POWER, 90 ACCURACY
-Giggle - Lowers your Ponymon's attack
-Hoof Stomp - 45 POWER, 100 ACCURACY, may cause target to flinch.

Money earnings: 64bits.


RainbwDash - Level 19 - Loyalty
-Agility- Sharply raises your opponent's speed.
-Dash- 40 POWER, 100 ACCURACY, attack strikes first
-Hoof Kick - 60 POWER, 100 ACCURACY

Money earnings: 380bits.


Misty is a double battle, two of your ponies will fight two of hers at once.

Aloe - Level 20 - Light
-Flatter - Raises you Ponymon's Sp. attack, confuses your Ponymon
-Hum - "Absorbs" some of your Ponymon's health

Lotus - Level 20 - Light
-Concentrate - Raises Sp. attack of your opponent
-Hum - "Absorbs" some of your Ponymon's health
-Massage - A direct attack that causes moderate damage.


After beating MISTY, you will receive:
- +4000 bits
- TM03
- Ability to use the HM, "HORN SLASH" (aka cut)
- Pokemon up to Level 30 will obey you.

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