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Fillydelphia is a town located in northern Equestria. It can be accessed via Route 4 from the west, Route 24 to the north and Route 5 to the south. It has a population of 32.

Places of Interest

Bike shop

It sells bikes that are at a expensive price that you would need a bike voucher to do so.

Fillydelphia Gym

Main Article: Fillydelphia Gym

Fillydelphia Gym is the the second open gym the player encounters during their journey. It has two bronies and the Gym Leader, Misty. When defeated, Misty will present a Brony with the Cascade badge.

Gym Badge man

Fillydelphia Sign

There is a man in a cottage in the northwest corner of the city who will explain exactly what the effects are for each of the eight Gym Badges. He also has a small backyard, where a Rare Candy can be found hidden among the flowers.

Burgled house

A Capitalist Grunt stole TM28 (Dig) from its owner, leaving the house a mess. After defeating the Grunt, the player will receive the TM from him. The house is initially inaccessible because a Royal Guard blocks the door. The Guard will only move aside from the door after the player talks to Bill at his Sea Cottage on Route 25.

Ponymon Mart

Ponyball: A ball thrown to catch a wild Ponymon. 200bits

Berry Juice: Juice with berries added into used to restore a Ponymon's HP. 200bits

Juice: A 100% pure juice used to restore a Ponymon's HP. 100bits

Antidote: A spray type medicine used to cure Poison. 100bits

Parlyz Heal: A spray type medicine used to cure Paralysis. 200bits

Awakening: A spray type medicine used to cure Sleep. 250bits

Burn heal: A spray type medicine used to cure Burn. 250bits

Escape rope: A long, durable rope. Use it to escape instantly from a cave or a dungeon. 550bits

Repel: Prevents weak wild Ponymon from appearing for 100 steps. 350bits


Powder Jar: Received from an old man in the house second to the right of Fillydelphia Cave.

Rare Candy: In the backyard of the Gym Badge Man's house (hidden).

Fame Checker: Obtained after defeating Rival.

TM28 (Dig): Obtained from Capitalist Grunt.


Rival Battle: The Rival Battle in this area is bugged in 0.3; he uses several Ponymon that are unnaturally strong, have placeholder sprites, and use moves that they likely shouldn't have learned. The battle begins at the foot of Nugget Bridge and should be treated with caution.

There is a new update that fixed the problem but only if you are playing a boy. The problem still remains if you are playing as a girl.

Theses should be the ponymon that he uses.



Trixie Lv. 16

Dmnd Tiara Lv. 15

Slvr Spoon Lv. 18

Capitalist Grunt

GoldnHrvst Lv. 17

Zecora Lv. 17

Brony Tips

"A Ponymon can be made to hold an item.Some items can even be used by the holding Ponymon in battle."

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