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Artwork General
Octavia as a filly mlp fim by atomicgreymon-d3gd5mi
National Ponydex: #136
Evolves From: None
Evolves Into: OCTAVIA
First Appeared: Flutteryay Alpha 0.3
Pronunciation: '
Sprite(s): 136 136
Base Stats Biological Details
HP: 35 Species:  ??
Attack: 40 Type(s): Dark
Defense: 100 Height: ???
Special Atk: 90 Weight: ???
Special Def: 55 Abilities:  ???
Speed: 35 Ponydex Color: Gray
Stat Total: 355 Gender: 100% ♀
    Cry: [[File:{{{cry}}}]]

Catch Area

F OCTAVIA is obtained when you take the CLASSICAL CD in Mt. Moon

Mt. Moon

[1], after defeating Super Nerd Miguel. Bring the CLASSICAL CD to the Museum in Hoofington
Hoofington Museum

The Hoofington Museum of Science.

[2], and talk to a certain professer. He will turn your CLASSICAL CD into a F OCTAVIA.

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