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Everfree Forest
Everfree forest

You don't usually get lost here.

The Everfree Forest is a forest that lies between Ponyville and Hoofington, along Route 2 .


The Everfree Forest is a maze-like area of trees and tall grass. The Everfree Forest is bordered by trees on all sides, and the only ways out are the passages in the south, and the northwest. There is no water along this route.


Pony Level % Encounter Rate
Y Zecora Lv. 3 24%
Lv. 4 24%
Lv. 5 16%
Lv. 6 1%
AppleBloom Lv. 4 20%
Lv. 5 5%
Y Minuette Lv. 5 10%


Antidote: Hidden in big tree at the entrance of the forest.

Pony Ball: When you first enter the forest, head left, and up. It's in the grass.

Potion: Next to the second person met in the forest.

Antidote: Along the path, after the second Brony battle.

Potion: After Bug Catcher Charlie, to the right of the main path.

Potion: Hidden in the line of view of Bug Catcher Sammy.


Bug Catcher Rick

Y Lyra Lv. 6

Y Bon Bon Lv. 6

Bug Catcher Doug

SwtieBelle Lv. 7

AppleBloom Lv. 7

Scootaloo Lv. 7

Bug Catcher Anthony

AppleBloom Lv. 7

AppleBloom Lv. 8

Bug Catcher Charlie

Scootaloo Lv. 7

Scootaloo Lv. 7

Scootaloo Lv. 7

Bug Catcher Sammy

YFluttrshy Lv. 9

Brony Tips

"Weaken Ponymon before attempting to capture! When healthy, they may escape!"

"For poison, use Antidote! Get it at Ponymon Marts!"

"If your Ponymon are weak and you want to avoid battles, stay away from grassy areas."

"Contact Prof. Oak via a PC to get your Ponydex evaluated!"

"You can't catch Ponymon that belong to someone else. Throw Pony Balls only at wild Ponymon to befriend them!"

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