The user braces itself for the foe's attack.

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Endure is a move that allows your ponymon to take damage but still be left with one HP. This may be useful if you've almost defeated your opponent, have no more PP for your physical attack, but have already used Squeeze Hug to deal your opponent successive damage. This is a VERY specific scenario however and it would be better to use your turn to attack rather then be attacked.

Ponies that learn this move are:

YGldnHrvst (level 8), GoldnHrvst (level 8), Scootaloo (level 15), CScootaloo (level 15), Big Mac (level 29), Y Lyra (level 19), Lyra (level 19) Doctor (?)


"The user endures any hit with 1 HP left. It may fail if used in succession."


Type Power Accuracy PP
Light NA NA 10
DISCLAIMER: More ponies may need to be added upon further expansions.

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