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Attacking moves have, under normal conditions a chance of 6.25% of resulting in a critical hit, which result in double the damage it would normally do. As same as stats, the chance of critical hit can be incremented and staged as follows:

How to increase critical hit chance

Just like stats, the critical hit chance goes by stages. While there are means to increase this stages in the pokemon games, the Ponymon dawn and dusk hack is in such early stage that there are actually no means to increase the critical hit chance apart from using moves with high critical hit chance

Stage Percentage of critical hit
1 6.25%
2 12.5%
3 25%
4 33.3%
5 50%

Critical Hits ignore stats modifiers which are not advantageous for the attacker. A Ponymon that has had its attacked or special attack reduced to a negative stage it will ignore this stat drop if the move is a critical hit, additionally it will ignore any defense or special defense positive stages increases in the defendant Ponymon. However it doesn't ignore the 50% damage penalization due to burn.

On multi hit moves such as Double Kick, the chance of landing a critical hit is calculated for each hit of the attack separately

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