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Brony tips are tips scattered throughout Equestria, giving help to new players.

List of tips

Sweet Apple Acres -

This tip is really useless!

All PONYMON types have strong and weak points against others.

Press START to open the MENU!

Ponyville -

The battle moves of PONYMON are limited by their POWER POINTS, PP.  PP does not stand for Pinkie Pie in battle, that'd be silly. Catch PONYMON and expand your collection.  The more you have, the easier it is to battle.

Everfree Forest -

Weaken PONYMON before attempting capture!  When healthy, they may escape!

For poison, use ANTIDOTE!  Get it at PONYMON MARTS! If your PONYMON are weak and you want to avoid battles, stay away from grassy areas!

Contact PROF. OAK via a PC to get your PONYDEX evaluated! You can't catch PONYMON that belong to someone else.  Throw PONY BALLS only at wild PONYMON to befriend them!

Vanhoover -

All PONYMON that appear in battle, however briefly, earn EXP Points.

Mt. Moon -

Under review: Zull!  Zull mother bucker, Zull!

Fillydelphia -

A PONYMON can be made to hold an item.  Some items can even be used by the holding PONYMON in battle.

More tips coming in the next update!

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