The user of the bounce move becomes a blue ball that shoots up into the sky, landing on it's opponent (hopefully) on the second turn.

Bounce is a learned physical attack that takes two turns to use. During the first turn the user shoots up into the air, dodging most physical attacks and status affecting moves for one turn. During the second turn the user falls from above to (hopefully) land on it's target.

Ponies that learn this move are:

YPinkiePie (level 25),Pinkie Pie (level 25), GPinkiePie (level 25)


"The user bounces on the foe on the 2nd turn. It may paralyze the foe."


Type Power Accuracy PP

Spirit (Laughter in 0.4.1)

70 85 10
DISCLAIMER: More ponies may need to be added upon further expansion.

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