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  • Kawagiri

    Typing Changelog

    April 21, 2017 by Kawagiri

    Ponymon Type Changelog Pre V0.5

    Hello, I'm Kawagiri. This is my first blog (ever), and I've recently begun assisting BlackOak42 on setting up types for all current Ponymon which have yet to have types assigned to them.

    As such I would like to also make you aware of 2 current changes to the typing list which you won't have seen included before:

    • ====Beast====
    • ====Trickster====

    The "Beast" type will cover animalistic traits of Ponymon, ranging from big lumbering beasts such as the Ursa Major or cute and cuddly like some of the pets that would have moves that wouldn't necessarily fit into regular Ponymon typing, Whilst Trickster will be used for Ponymon which are mischievous, or simply tricky. Ponymon such as Flim, Flam and Trixie will be subject t…

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  • AuroraMLP

    I have always been interested in how the brain works, so I have recently begun something called Pony Hypnosis.

    Hypnosis is a very misunderstood mental practice, and after encountering this process via another fan, I researched hypnotism extensively. Scientists, researchers, and even most religious leaders not only agree that it is not harmful, but actually may help people in many situations.

    (However, do not use it if you are under the age of 18, or have a diagnosed mental irregularity, as it can also be dangerous if used incorrectly.)

    Hypnotism cannot induce something in you that isn't already there, so the main danger comes from if you find something about yourself that you didn't want to know. It takes your subconscious and brings it to your…

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  • AuroraMLP

    I just happen to be a self-taught 8-bit music composer, and I thought it might be nice for Ponymon to have a mix of classic Pokemon songs and original or pony-related songs in the same style.

    Now, I have never worked with putting said music into a game before, and if it is impossible, or requires a format that I am unable to create, then that is okay.

    Also, I am well-prepared to work within file size and/or song length limitations.

    Let me know if you are interested, and/or you want to see samples of my previous work.

    UPDATE 2/23/17: I looked into it, and while I do not yet know exactly what format is needed, I know that I have to use a different tracker. (Famitracker, while having lots of extension chips, is primarily a NES and SNES tracker.)


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  • BlackOak42

    Sprite List

    February 20, 2017 by BlackOak42

    The content from this blog evolved past being a blog and has moved to Sprite Request List.

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  • BlackOak42

    Here is the place to make suggestions for the Ponymon Dawn/Dusk wiki or game. Any suggestions are appreciated and will be considered. Examples of game suggestions include and are not limited to sprites, icons, scripting, audio (cry, background music), creature stats, and move stats. Thank you in advance for your suggestions.

    The list of Ponymon are on Ponymon Names and are now reflected on the dex lists (Regional Ponydex, Generation II Ponydex and Generation III Ponydex). Suggestions for changes to these lists will ALL be considered. Please remember all Ponymon for this game will be characters from the official My Little Pony Friendship is Magic. The naming will be according to the MLP FiM Wiki HERE, HERE or HERE.

    The Sprite suggestions page…

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  • BlackOak42

    My Revive Project

    December 21, 2016 by BlackOak42

    (My Revive project is for my benefit, but I hope it will benefit many other gamers as well.)

    (I should point out if you read this, make sure to note that by "my project", "my ROM", or "my game" I mean a separate project by me and for me. the data that I will contribute from it to this project will only be data that I create, or the owner(s) already owns and posses)

    Hello, I am BlackOak42. It looks like Ponymon Dawn/Dusk project is at full speed ahead (See My Revive Project). It seems the fans are more interested in getting the game to beta instead of just another (teaser trailer type) alpha. To fast track the game I have decided to get the basic data for all Ponymon finished, so I can add all Ponymon catch areas to the next release. I hope to…

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  • BlackOak42

    (I should point out if you read this, make sure to note that by "my project", "my ROM", or "my game" I mean by me and for me. I intend to add only data that I create, or the owner(s) already owns and posses)

    I have applied for adoption of the Ponymon Dawn/Dusk with joint ownership with Computerstickman.

    See update below​

    I have been all over the posts and profiles around here trying to find an admin or developer for this project to see if there is any more data to be gained for the project I am working on. I have even followed those leads onto other sites. I am hoping especially to find Computerstickman, since she was/is the last active member as far as I could find, to see if she can at least help me find the team data or the direction it wa…

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  • BlackOak42

    (I should point out if you read this, make sure to note that by "my project", "my ROM", or "my game" I mean by me and for me. If this becomes anything more I will state clearly what I intend to do, and It will have only data in it that I create, or the owner(s) already owns and posses)

    I am doing my first game ROM, first blog, and...  well... first a lot of things.

    This started as just a mod job to do something with my daughter, and to pass time. I thought it would be an interesting, and simple, fill in the blank sort of thing.  I was wrong about how far Ponymon Dawn was. I was debugging and adding to it when I decided that I  wanted to keep the whole thing playable at all times. I started a "fresh ROM" restart on 10/22/2016, and reorganized…

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  • Lichmeister

    Hi there i am playing Ponymon with some friends, and while i'am at it i am reporting bugs/glitchs i could enconter. Dunno if ppl are on it again or not but it could maybe help ^^

    First one i saw is at HOOFINGTON (maybe in other towns too) when you log on your computer and ask for Prof's Oak Computer  then ask him to evalve your ponydex. The last sentence just keep flonting on the screen forever :p just like that:

    To resolve this bug you just have to conect again to the computer and choose the log off option.

    I will improove this article later on while i advance in the game.

    If i can bring some help to make this game even better, i would be glad to do so! (i have some notions in computer sciences i study it sort of).

    Good day!


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  • The Brony Trainer

    So yea.. I just don't feel like rip the game to peices. hell,I had to fix a wraping tunnel... for 2 hours =-=... It works fine but still. yea as for sprits. I don't know how to import/change sprits to Pokemon/Ponymon or change there stats. Really I can only edited maps. So yea... I'm just releasing the same verison with twicked maps so you can go futher in the story. so yea. I'm done with it for the simple facted. People don't want to finsh it and If I did finsh it. It's ethier take a long time or it'd just won't look rigth to me,to the creators, and to the fans. so yea. I'm done with it. I'll put links for the game roms but this is where I stop. I'm going to finsh the game for myself and NOT pubily release it unless I think it'd look good…

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  • The Brony Trainer


    April 14, 2016 by The Brony Trainer

    It still says Ponymon 0.4 For my sake *I like my saves*. If you guys/Girls Don't mind. I'll keep it this way. however I will Rename it if you guys want to just Ponymon so it's a drag and drop feel. Anyway

    Here is the Download:

    It should work fine =3,Again just Tell me and I'll look into it.

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  • The Brony Trainer

    So yea.. I'm just going to open the world and make the game comepetlable. I don't want anything,not even a thanks for this. I'm just doing this for me and leaveing a download for others if they so wish. Sense I never really could reopen it I geus I can't really re close it yea. Download if you want a beatable verison.

    • Glichs. Some ponymon are NOT Sprited yet. In the pony tower at the top,Your game semi freezes. you'll see*
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  • Surprise the fun loving pony

    It might be a G4 version or counterpart of Tirek from Firefly's Adventure or something else just as worse.

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  • Scourgefangirl


    April 4, 2014 by Scourgefangirl

    1 can someone link me to the most update to date verson of Ponymon? 

    2 WHO's..ACTIVE.....

    • sits in box* 
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  • Zoegrace1

    Since Ponymon hasn't been updated for ages, I've decided to take my own copy of Ponymon and carry on making it. I've made Pokemon hacked games before, and I think I can do it. It won't become official though.


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  • Daipenmon

    Twinkle Eyed ponies

    September 8, 2013 by Daipenmon

    You have to feel sorry about them being unable to see without the gems acting as their eyes.

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  • PrincessLunaAndPikachu

    mine would be f rarity at lvl 5 applebloom swettie bellie scootaloo and that would be it until 2015

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  • Sentient Sky

    Current Ponymon Team:

    [Magic] F Doctor - Level 20 - Hoof Stomp / Barrage / Confusion / Double Kick. Met in Mt Moon at level 9.

    [Light/Passion] Dinky -  Level 23 - Hoof Stomp / Rest / Confusion / Horn Attack. Met in Mt Moon at level 10.

    [Kindness] Fluttershy - Level 29 - Hoof Stomp / Wing Attack / Rest / Sing. Met at sweet apple acres at level 5.


    Current Spot in Game: 


    Not yet battled the Gym Leader nor helped Bill. 

    Currently grinding all ponymon to level 30.

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  • PrincessLunaAndPikachu

    show off your shiny ides and ocs here

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  • PrincessLunaAndPikachu

    here us a chat room where you can say anything you want about the main 6 cause this is a chatroom where you can only talk about pokemon and the main 6

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  • Sentient Sky

    She retuuuuuurns

    August 12, 2013 by Sentient Sky

    I have returned my friends.


    So what's happened since last time? I got a new computer because my other one was having some pretty bad problems (no battery life, charging errors, Display problems, Leaking pixels, Path errors in programs, etc.) so now I'm using a new(er) computer, but it doesn't have a working touch pad or keyboard so USB for me.

    I do not have Skype anymore, my steam username is Cremuex though if you want to add me to talk.

    I have a full version of Paint Tool Sai, so I can do computer art again and make edits now too ;3 Here's an example of what I can do now: Coloured lines, chibi's with layers, blending, transparent backgrounds, etc. For those that follow my tumblr they already know that though...

    On the Traditional Art front t…

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  • Bronymanbro

    My "Problem"

    August 11, 2013 by Bronymanbro

    So, every now and again, at about 3:15, I go into this phase where I'm in the middle of sleep, but also awake, so it's just, like, 10 dreams all in one. Help me. Or at least enlighten me.

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  • Luna Luck

       I was doing like I do every day.. Just browsing the internet.. And for no reason at all I visited the ponymon wiki. I am not sure why.. But the reason I wanted to make this post was to announce that it has been almost one whole year of me being on the wiki! A little selfish I know.. And I kind of feel bad for not keeping in touch with the project like I was before... I just kind of... Lost interest I guess? But I have then since remembered why I was intersted in this hack in the first place and I am very excited to see where the project will go now that it is being controlled by someone new (?).

       So anyway.. That was pretty much all I had to say XD Yay for me for almost a year of not keeping in touch (Does anyone remember me? No? That'…

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  • RockyChalky

    My Ponymon Ideas

    July 12, 2013 by RockyChalky

    Well, I'd hate to crowd the suggestion page with my ideas, so instead, I'll crowd my own page with my ideas. I hope this works the way I plan it to. This way, if people like my ideas, they can come back here for more, but if they don't, they can simply not view my page.

    This is kinda more of a talk page then a blog.

    This is my rendition of Equestria, based on the canonical map of Equestria here.

    Now, I posted this in the suggestion page, but this one has a few last touchups that I left out the first time around. There was some blue paint spill in the upper-right corner and the "KANTO REGION" text wasn't completely erased. In addition, I adjusted the roads to fit the extended city icon for Canterlot, the biggest city icon on the page.

    The citie…

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  • Larger Seagullane

    I noticed that the Generation II dex seems to be complete but that in the comments, there is debate including talks over a G3. So in this blog, I'll discuss my thoughts on which ponies I think should be included and a few other things. I am not trying to tell the lovely makers what to do as I'd imagine that making these games is very hardwork.

    Donut Joe is also surprisingly missing. If added in Generation 3, Donut Joe could even be able to evolve into a James Bond form as seen in MMMystery on the Friendship Express.

    Speaking of said episode, there are two other characters who are introduced in the same episode. We have Gustave le Grand and Mulia Mild. These two could even gain silent-film classic villain and ninja evolutions respectively.


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  • Zoegrace1

    I just don't know what colour it should be. Does anypony have a idea? I was thinking Chaos, because it is chaotic.

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  • Meowzerz0598

    So... I was rearranging my party, and found out that snips and snail's sprites are reversed, meaning that in the box, snips's sprite is snails, and vice-versa. Just wanted to report this for next version! :D

    P.S. Lyra FTW!

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  • MellowsRule

    Horn slash?

    January 21, 2013 by MellowsRule

    I'm new on wikia, and I need help.

    I just beat misty (Dawn version) and she apparently gave me HM horn slash (aka cut), but it won't let me use it. I don't have an HM pouch, only a TM pouch. When I select the small trees, it just displays the message "This tree looks like it can be CUT down!". Is this a glitch?

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  • Fanofetcetera

    Unexplained Hiatus

    January 18, 2013 by Fanofetcetera

    Okay, so I'm probably back now after an unexplained hiatus. I got sick again and after that whole I'm at 41/100 and then losing all that cause of a stupid computer issue, I kinda got upset and quit checking here for a bit since I had no reason to be on daily afterall, but I guess I'm gonna try and restart now. I'm getting better health wise finally, but I've fallen way behind on my DA stuff again with over 300 messages to wade through. So yeah, busy times, but on the upper hand, I have now completly beaten the Ratchet & Clank collection for PS3 and got Plats in all three. That was rather fun except for some of those annoying skill points.

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  • Zoegrace1


    January 15, 2013 by Zoegrace1

    I think I might have messed up the MissingNo page. I added a Ponybox, and tried to edit it, buuuuut, yeah. Apparently I'm not good with Wiki code. Well, The original page was this, shown below

    ======MissingNo==MissingNo was found in Ponymon: Dawn 0.32, after Lavander Town. You'll meet a white colored trainer, who will challenge you. You need to use GHOST MODE to challenge this guy.

    I found the article irrelevant, and I have challenged Missingno before, by going into the grass while using the Ghost Cheat without a pony on Route 1, so I added a Ponybox, can some pony help me clean it up a bit?

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  • Marioland

    Anarchy Version and Me.

    January 3, 2013 by Marioland


    For those of you on the Skype chat, you've heard a lot of talk from me regarding the specific plans of Ponymon Anarchy Version, an old rip-off of Dawn/Dusk that has now abandoned the original failed version to make a hack of Pokemon Emerald.  Although I still feel some annoyance from Discord from his antics (and the blatant theft from his original version), I can tell you that he's no longer trying to copy Dawn/Dusk at all.  How do I know?  It's time I come clean and tell everyone the truth.

    I am a member of the Ponymon Anarchy Team.  I am their lead tester, and have bee…

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  • Zoegrace1

    Ponymon Anarchy on FAQ?

    January 2, 2013 by Zoegrace1

    Some people have come here asking about 'Ponymon Anarachy' which I heard about a while ago, I was just wondering if I should add something on the FAQ stating \

    I need some help on Ponymon Anarachy but all of your information has been useless!

    This is the Dawn and Dusk version of Ponymon. We are not affliciated with Anarachy version.

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  • Tomatoisjp

    Ok, so. Chaos has dropped out of ponymon (he’s still doing sprites, so he might do a few here and there for the game, but he’s not officially tied to the project anymore), which means that we need some sprite talent to fill the gap.

    Now, I am by no means the project head, so anything I say is subject to being overruled by Cobalt or Flutter. However, since I’m kind of the only spriter right now (though I have/am going to ask a few longtime members of the wiki and project to stand in, at least temporarily.) and I’m waaaaaaaay too lazy/busy to do all that spriting by myself, I’m officially opening applications for artists.

    That said, I don’t want to expand too fast and have things get out of hand. So for right now, I’m only opening up two sprit…

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  • Chaosfission

    I've stepped down from Ponymon development, for personal reasons. My sprites are all still for use by the game. I'll look into getting a new admin for the wiki in the following days.

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  • Zoegrace1

    Glitchy movesets are common in the wonderful world of Ponymon. I used cheats to find the Johto starters, completely untouched, other than the types of movesets. As the moves have taken the slots of previous moves, the Gen II and Gen III Pokemon have movesets that haven't been edited, and therefore, know several different types of moves, eg, Grass is now Kindness, Water is now Laughter, and Fire is now Honesty. To sum this up, if you want a Ponymon that can own nearly every type, Get a Pokemon! [if you are reading this once the game is finished, ignore this post, because Pokemon no longer exist in Equestria.]

    Thanks for reading my stupid post :P

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  • Crazyzombie168



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  • Crazyzombie168

    ask crazyzombie168

    December 15, 2012 by Crazyzombie168

    want to ask me something leave comment 

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  • PabloDePablo

    Ok, so I don't contribute here much or play the alphas, but I had an idea for all these alternate evolutions [i.e D. Twilight, G. Twilight, N. Twilight].

    Have items like stones do the work! But not actually stones.  More like objects related to the subject- an Invitation for G. Twilight, a Costume for N. Twilight... not sure for D. Twilight, but you get the basic gist.  Hope you read this

    - Pablo

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  • Daipenmon

    New avatar

    November 30, 2012 by Daipenmon

    Every time l see it, l laugh at it on facebook.

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  • Crazyzombie168

    my top 6 fav ponies

    November 22, 2012 by Crazyzombie168

    1 applebloom

    2 applejack

    3 discord

    4 trxie

    5 cadence

    6 sweetie belle

    whats yours?

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  • Marioland

    Millenial Celebration!

    November 19, 2012 by Marioland

    One day, a brony going by the name of David Eshom went onto Youtube, listening to new pony based music, when a suggested video caught his eye. Ponymon? Intrigued, he clicked the link and watched for a little while, until he decided to find the ROM for it. Using the almighty search engine Google, he found just the ROM he was looking for. Ponymon Alpha 0.2 was in his hands at last. My hands. The very same hands that have now made 1000 edits to the wiki, the first member to do so. It's a time to celebrate this great time I've had on the wiki, and the people whom I've befriended in this time.

    Even back then, the ROM came with a text document. It was nothing fancy, but it contained several important links. Links to the changelog. Links to an err…

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  • Marioland

    Halloween 2012

    October 29, 2012 by Marioland

    It's that time of year again! Time for Chickens, Wolves, Evil Enchantresses, and Star Swirls to freely roam the streets for a single solitary night. It's the night for Nightmare Moon to return once more, and fear to be spread (and occasionally laughed at). So, I am wondering, just what are you doing for Halloween? What will you be? Even if it's nothing more than scraping up some paper bags to put on your head, I want to know!

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  • Fanofetcetera


    October 24, 2012 by Fanofetcetera

    Alright, so who all are actually interested in earning these badges? I myself feel it gives me something to shoot for and helps motivate me to build the wiki up some more. The one I'm working on at this time of the post is a rather hard one just because we need to be active for 60 days straight. Really? 60 days in a row? That's gotta be hard, so I plan to post here in this blog the rest of the days I need left, which is about 13, so I'm almost there!

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  • Zoegrace1

    I scanned through the pages, looking for things to edit, and the Weight and Height is missing. I decided to scan through my Ponydex, and began to enter the weights, heights and gave easier to understand pronounciations, replacing the old greek symbols. However, my Ponydex isn't full, so I will need help with this project. Please, help!

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  • Zoegrace1

    Seriously, I keep wating to learn about these amazing new ponies.

    Inkie Pie looks AWESOME, I wanted to learn more about it. However, I get the pony template and nothing else.

    I think we need to update some of the pages a bit, To get the ponies to appear, I might have to use cheats, catch it, and then learn about it.

    I hope anyone else agrees.

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  • Fanofetcetera

    Soooo, I've been actively making pics of my OC Sky Popper and decided, I should make a blog where anyone who has an OC can post a picture of them for all to see. Only real rule I have about this is try to be nice and not insult anyones OC even if it is kinda lame or just a recolor. We don't wanna start any flame wars afterall.

    I guess I'll start off with my OC pics of Sky Popper I drew by hand and some pixel art I did in PhotoShop. I just wish I had a scanner instead of just my cell phone for uploading the pics to my laptop. And if uploading the photo directly here doesn't work, like with me, a link will do just as fine. Just put your comments here or at both places if you really want. = First reference sheet and first …

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  • Crazyzombie168

    my ponymon team :D

    September 24, 2012 by Crazyzombie168







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  • Amalvi


    September 18, 2012 by Amalvi

    There_is_no_need_to_be_upset.jpg (This content was removed for the professional/child friendly initiative) (The screen shot part of the picture includes administrative behavior that will no longer be tolerated on this wiki. If you are the original artist please replace the "Reason" with other characters such as "!@#$%". You can then feel free to replace the picture by Uploading the picture under the same name as the original.)

    luv you all

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  • Marioland

    Why U Do This To Me?

    September 16, 2012 by Marioland

    I've been on this wiki for a while. In fact, I'm one of the oldest members on it. But there is one thing that's starting to crop up, and it is truly an annoying thorn in my side.

    People cheat, then complain about errors from it.

    I'll be brief about it. It's not very smart. It has no value to the wiki. and most of all, IT SHOULD NOT BE PASSED OFF AS A BUG OR ERROR. I have seen several messages that go as follows: "I used this cheat, and this error happened." What do you expect them to do, send it off to Flutteryay so he can fix your cheat code?

    If you're willing to cheat, you must be willing to face the consequences. If you're not, don't cheat. It's that simple. By cheating, you are changing the game, and that is something the develo…

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  • Chaosfission

    0.32 has been released.

    September 16, 2012 by Chaosfission

    It includes major bug fixes, including the starter error, the xp glitches, and some others. The stomps have also gotten a flinch nerf. Refer to here (Once its updated anyways) for full details.

    Also, warning for all future updates: We now have an auto download link that redirects you to the most recent version. Bookmark that if you want to keep up to date.

    Auto downloader.

    This is also the official hub for any new glitches you find, please post them here and not on the suggestion page, or random pony pages.

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