Ponymon Battles are the main element of the Ponymon games. These involve a match between two trainers or one trainer against a wild Ponymon which can be 1vs1 pokemon or 2vs2 (to date, as in v0.32, the only double battle is the one against Misty, the leader of the Fillydelphia Gym)

Like any RPG, the main concept are the battles which are disputed between two teams with different restrictions in the size of said teams and the objetive to win to defeat the opponent team by weakening it. To achieve that you have to attack the opponent and defend from its attacks with the goal of optaining victory.

In the case of Ponymon, the teams are formed by Ponymon that have been previously captured and trained by the player and it is restricted to a maximun of 6, however it is possible to switch these 6 at almost anytime by using a PC. However, only the first one ponymon at the time will fight, but can be changed at any moment during the fight or prevous to it using the "PONYMON" option in the main menu.

Battles are developed in turns. In each turn each ponymon selects an attack or move and the fastest will attack first, with exceptions (see Priority for more info). The player can also choose to use an Item, change Ponymon  or attempt to flee, all of which will also count as a turn. Some NPCs can also use objects, specially to recover the health of their ponymons or to boost their stadistics. The battle ends when one team (formed by the Ponymon of the trainer or a single wild Ponymon) is defeated by having all its members KO'd, and only if the battle is against a wild Ponymon, by catching it or by fleeing from the battle.

Wild Ponymon Battles

Wild Ponymon battles are self-explanatory, You fight wild ponies. You can catch it with a Ponyball, flee from the Pony, [Which may not always work, it usually fails to work if your Pony is a lower level than your wild opponent], or defeat the wild Pony.

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