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Rodeo Pony
Artwork General
National Ponydex: #2
Evolves From: F AJACK
Evolves Into: G AJACK
First Appeared: [Friendship is Magic part 1]
Pronunciation: appl-jack
Sprite(s): 002 002
Base Stats Biological Details
HP: 85 Species: Rodeo Pony
Attack: 85 Type(s): Honesty
Defense: 70 Height: Not implemented
Special Atk: 60 Weight: Not implemented
Special Def: 55 Abilities:  ???
Speed: 65 Ponydex Color: Orange
Stat Total: 420 Gender: 100% ♀
    Cry: [[File:{{{cry}}}]]
Stand AJ left

APPLEJACK, the Rodeo Pony. A Light/Honesty type, this pony evolves from a starter in Ponymon Dusk.

Ponydex Entry

A wild APPLEJACK will often be found carrying a lasso, using it much like an extra limb.


Evolves from F AJACK - lvl 16

Evolves to G AJACK - lvl 36

Planned Evolutions

Nightmare Night Applejack

Discorded Applejack

Hearth's Warming Eve Applejack/Smart Cookie

Element of Honesty Applejack


Level Move Type Category Power Accuracy PP


Hoof Stomp

Light Attack 35 100 35
Start Tail Whip Light Attack N/A 100 30
7 True Hit Honesty Attack 40 N/A 30
11 Lasso Honesty Status N/A 95 40
20 Double Kick Light Attack 30(x2) 100 30
24 Vital Throw Honesty Attack 65 100 20
29       Gallop          Light            Attack     67        100            20

Catch Area

Route 25 (This is a glitch with versions 0.2 & 0.3. This will be fixed in a future update.)


She is based on the G1 earth pony of the same name.

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