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Artwork General
20170405 153309 by computerstickman-db4sg8q
Regional Ponydex: #Varies
Evolves From: None
Evolves Into: None
First Appeared: Pokemon Generation 3
Pronunciation: Ten Question Marks
Sprite(s): 000IconComputerstickman 000SpriteComputerstickman
Base Stats Biological Details
HP: 0 Species:  ???
Attack: 0 Type(s):  ???
Defense: 0 Height: ???
Special Atk: 0 Weight: ???
Special Def: 0 Abilities:  ???
Speed: 0 Ponydex Color:  ???
Stat Total: 0 Gender:  ???
    Cry: [[File:{{{cry}}}]]

If you see XXXSpriteBlackOak42 or XXXIconBlackOak42, It is not a ??????????. It is a regular Ponymon that is not yet sprited (See HERE).

Ponydex Entry

?????????? has no Ponydex entry, since it is designed to be a placeholder to prevent a game crash if you encounter a battle with no Ponymon or a Ponymon outside of the game's usable 386 slots. It is not designed to be captured or used. If caught, the game will skip the Ponydex screen and go straight to the following screen.

Catch Area



The easiest way to encounter ?????????? (sometimes called "Decamarks" or "Ten question marks") is to use the ghost\walk through walls cheat, walk though the trees above Sweet Apple Acres, and enter the grass without a Ponymon. When you encounter a battle, you will encounter a Ponymon like normal and your character will send out a ??????????. This form of it has no moves, no name, 0/0 HP, and will result in a white-out if you try to use it.

The second way, is to use the 'Catch Any Ponymon Cheat'. Make sure you have the Master Code turned on, and the Catch Any Ponymon Master Code on. Enter the codes into the emulator, and then replace the XXX with any hexidecimal number past 19D. Walk into some tall grass, and ?????????? should appear. These forms are buggy though, and not recommended for use.


Decamark's Summary

This Ponymon was caught at Level 77. Not level 3, silly game.

Decamark's Sprite

The most deformed pony around.

  • Despite not being an official Ponymon, it is not a glitch Ponymon, as it is specifically designed with the purpose of preventing game-crashing bugs.
  • The version mentioned above is in slot number 0000, and is therefore before Bulbasaur/Filly Applejack in the game data.
  • The slot number 0000 version cannot be caught, as it will disappear from your party when captured.
  • Every slot after 019D contains this Ponymon, as that slot corresponds to Dex number 386 in hexidecimal, or the total amount of Pokemon in Gen III games. There are a total of 65151 forms of this Ponymon.
  • This Pokemon is often times confused with Missingno, although Missingno in all of it's forms are unintentional glitches while this Pokemon is a failsafe for the game. Therefore, there is no connection between the two.
  • It holds an item called "????????". This item has no effect, with the description of "?????"
  • If caught, instead of the Ponydex entry appearing, it will skip to the Nickname screen.
  • This Ponymon has no type.
  • This Ponymon has no moves. If used in battle, it will only be capable of using Struggle.

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